Individual Services

We provide various inquiry services to help our clients develop important information according to their needs. We have the resources to find the information needed.

Here are some of the investigation services that we offer. Please contact us to discuss your issues and needs in detail and we will offer several options according to the focus of the problem.


We provide surveillance or spying services with long-term and short-term in adjustable time for anyone, such as someone who is worried about their partner, parents who are worried about their children or people who only want to know their activities just time.

This hidden surveillance can help you understand someone more deeply, like what they did, where they went, who their friends were, whether they could be trusted or not, and other facts according to the case.


  • Will you get married but doubt your prospective partner?
  • Do you suspect your partner has another lover?
  • Do you need proof of infidelity for a divorce trial?

With a high level of fraudulent behavior in Indonesia, conducting an investigation is an important decision. Continuing a relationship with someone who is not right can be very detrimental!

We can help you get evidence and facts, understand whether someone is truly loyal to you or not. Our investigators have worked on various types of infidelity investigations. We can collect and get all the information and evidence you need so you can decide the best way to move forward.

This is also aided by our extensive investigative resources and routine training that makes our investigative institution always the top.


Nowadays, people are manipulating and cheating a lot in business and personal relationships. By knowing the truth about their background, a small investment in Eye Detective Indonesia can help you find the light to move forward, take the best actions to move forward and prevent the impact for you in experiencing huge losses.

We can collect all necessary information with real evidence and we guarantee strict confidentiality.

In this case, the client will receive the target daily report, about who are the closest people, their activities, work and other similar things in question, and this is also focused on finding other complementary data needed.


An investigation in the search for missing people is the best way to find out about who you cannot find.

This investigation aims at finding people who disappeared without information, suspected kidnappings or those who were not seen for a long time. In this investigation, we focused on:

  • Family members who disappear or escape
  • Teenage escape
  • Someone hiding

or someone who only wants to be known of their existence, and the like. We have an extensive network of people that we can employ to assist in the search.

We can observe places where they might be or observe and track them in case of missing people. We can carry out background checks, question witnesses, and various other investigative techniques.


Asset tracking is needed in cases of default on loans, bankruptcy cases, at the time the company evaluates the partners needed in the process of mergers or acquisitions, as well as collecting evidence related to cases of fraud, misuse of funds and assets.

This investigation involves tracking and identifying assets of a business entity or individual including tracking assets such as land location, real estate, shares, company ownership or other business involvement, inventory, financial resources, vehicles, etc.


We provide security or protection services that include individual bodyguard services for individuals and/or family protection. This service includes daily, weekly and monthly services.

Basically, the bodyguard service that we provide is used for a special escort or object security.


  • We discuss the focus of your problem so we can understand your needs
  • We offer recommendations for investigation plans according to your needs and budget
  • We made an agreement, outlining the stages of the plan to be carried out and the number of costs to be budgeted
  • We carry out a thorough investigation with questions that you have to answer honestly, this can be key to the investigation
  • We provide invoices in accordance with the agreed investigation plan and budget
  • All matters are handled with complete confidentiality, before, during and after the investigation
  • We provide daily reports during the investigation and the final report in the form of a soft copy that we will send as agreed with you
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