Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from clients who come to us often start with the same questions.

There are many questions that we must note from the clients. The following are answers to several questions that often appear to us that can help you in making decisions :

1. Question: How can I trust you as a private detective agency? What if private fraud detectives?

Answer: Make sure the private detective service agent you choose is a service agency that has a registered business license. Never hire unlicensed agencies and detective service agencies that are difficult to ask for meetings for consultation before an investigation is conducted. Our service agency Eye Detective Indonesia has a registered business permit and always recommends consulting meetings. Be careful with the fraud mode under the guise of detective services!

2. Question: How much is the cost of renting private detective services?

Answer: The cost of the investigation varies depending on the background of the case and the type of investigation service desired. Investigation fees for the Jabodetabek area are generally the same, and will differ for regions outside Jabodetabek. Contact Kontak kami untuk konsultasi bebas biaya.

3. Question: What do private detective services work like?

Answer: Basically, we will discuss with prospective clients in a consultation meeting and / or telephone to understand the background of the case, suggest a number of strategic plans for the case and discuss the negotiation of costs and the period of investigation.

4. Question: How do we get evidence from a private investigator?

Answer: We provide 2 types of reports. For cases of infidelity and surveillance reports will also be given at the time of the investigation. For other types of investigations, Laporak will be given at the end with a systematic arrangement.

For other questions, please contact us directly at the contact available.

Be careful with fraud mode under the guise of detective services! Impostor private investigator!

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