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Asset tracing Investigation services in Indonesia Jakarta


Asset tracing Investigation services in Indonesia Jakarta ~ Asset Tracing or Asset Tracing is a technique used by investigators to try and collect all the financial and non-financial evidence to collect information about the existence, property and value of those assets that are frozen And seize law to cover losses incurred by an enterprise on the grounds of an offense against the crime of a person or on behalf of a legal person.

Asset tracing Investigation services in Indonesia Jakarta

Asset tracing Investigation services in Indonesia Jakarta

jasa detektif pelacakan aset

Asset tracing

Detective Indonesia has extensive experience in tracking individual and corporate assets that avoid creditors. Asset tracking is very useful in the event of loan default, bankruptcy, business assessment required by partners in the merger or acquisition process, as well as to gather evidence of fraud, White collar, incorrect use Funds and assets, etc. Surveys of this kind concern the monitoring and identification activities of businesses or individuals, including tracking the location of land, assets, shares, company assets or other tasks, inventories , Financial resources, Vehicles and others.

Individual Tracing

Individual tracing is done to find one’s location. This is necessary for the search of witnesses or against individuals who refuse to be liable for misconduct in their workplace, to creditors or law enforcement officers. In each case, Integrity Indonesia needs clear and verifiable reasons for the purpose of finding someone. Our investigations include internet searches, covert approaches as well as surveillance. Our report comes with address information, contact numbers, and photographs related to individual targets.

Detective Indonesia is a registered private investigator company that provides surveillance and investigative services (or better known as private investigative services).

Tracing What we do to help you

Asset tracing Investigation services

We can help you solve different cases.
Asset tracing Investigation services in Jakarta Our team of investigators is expert and professional in their respective fields and our survey report also includes photos and videos during surveillance / research. Representative Detective We were in the city as follows: Jakarta and Tangerang, Depok and Bogor through Bekasi, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Kalimantan.

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