Eye Detective Indonesia is one of the private investigation agency in Indonesia, we provide services of the investigation such as surveillance, background check, missing person, cheating partner and tracking asset. Our private investigators have been working for a range of investigation services as Indonesia Detective. We are able to collect and obtain all the information and evidence as you need, so that you can decide how best to move forward. We also supported by our extensive networks and contacts needed to get a job done effectively and efficiently.

Basically, we are working to gather the evidence as you need in this case (such as photos, videos or recordings) course with a comprehensive report on the activity of cases.


We use a range of investigation techniques, high-quality equipment and technology to ensure we get the concrete evidence as you need. We will always devise a case approach, agreeing the investigation techniques to be used, in consultation with our clients before investigation. We will render sound advice based not just on our passed experiences, but also from those of our clients’. We will suggest few strategic plan options for you. We will forward our quotations for the various suggested plan options.

Our mission is to act on behalf our client, supplying superior investigate services with the utmost of professionalism, dedication, discretion and strict confidentiality.

Eye Detective has had a number of Media TV slots covering our Private Investigator work

Media TV slots covering our Private Detective work

Andy Bramantyo is one of the pioneers of the private investigation agency Eye Detective Indonesia that specializes in investigating infidelity and business cases.

Kick Andy is one of the private TV programs from the Metro Tv station, Eye Detective got the opportunity at the event with the topic Not Ordinary Profession

Jasa Detektif Swasta Private Investigator | Liputan Kontroversi Trans7

Jessica’s disguise of success. This pretty female investigator gets clients who want to investigate prospective husbands before marriage. From the agency, Jessica got information, the target is often to visit nightclubs

There are cases that come to Eye Detective. Once, there was a man born in Indonesia who had lived in Canada for decades, contacting Eye Detective. He has long been a Canadian citizen, not married and has no children.

Eye Detective adalah detektif swasta yang memiliki layanan jasa penyelidikan dan pengawasan. Perusahaan yang didirikan Andy Bramantyo pada 2008 ini mampu mengungkap rahasia, kecurangan, dan latar belakang dengan mengumpulkan data yang dilakukan para penyidik. Kemudian, memberikan fakta dan bukti nyata berupa foto, video, atau rekaman kepada klien.

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