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Individual Service

We can carry out private investigation surveillance that usually needed in cases of cheating partners
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Corporate Service

We offer a wide range of business investigation services
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Corporate Service - Private Investigator

Private Investigation Agency

Eye Detective Indonesia

Eye detective is a private investigation agency that specializes in investigation and surveillance services with a focus on high professionalism. We are located in Jakarta and we provide the investigation throughout Indonesia.

We guarantee strict confidentiality and we have a deep understanding and respect of the sensitivity underlying much of our work, at local and affordable rates.

In all cases, we use teams of senior private investigators and trusted who have a natural understanding with the extensive networks and contacts needed to get a job done effectively and efficiently.



Private Detective

  • We offer you a FREE Consultation
  • We provide confidentiality, superior quality, and honest communication
  • We provide our existing clients with the ability to be contacted 24/7 to discuss your case
  • Well-experienced and has been covered in more than 5 medium in Indonesia, such as MetroTv, TransTv and many more

Media Coverage

Eye Detective Indonesia

We have been operating since 2008 as the best and most trusted private investigation agency in Indonesia. The media coverage is covering our progress during the investigation and we also covered by TV talk show with our Director of Investigation Bapak Andy Bramantyo.
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Why do you need Investigation?

Private Detective Service

Keep in mind, that continuing a relationship, both business and personal with those who are not well known or suspicious can be very detrimental!

An investigation is one of the best ways to find out facts, reveal infidelity, cheating partner, background check and a dozen variety of similar things that can help you in personal and business matters.

Suspiciousness can be a boomerang for you if you are not supported by evidence. An investigation will definitely help you by proofs according to what you need. This is certainly will help you to take the further step to move forward.

Individual Service

Private investigation cases for individual service are often concern questions about the possibility of a cheating partner case, infidelity, family background, and missing person. We have worked on hundreds of such cases and understand the pain.

Corporate Service

We provide investigation service for corporate needs to help deal with fraudulent, asset tracking, pre-employment screening, audit check, support of due diligent and credit checks and report suggestions.

What they say

Investigation Services

FREE Consultation


Having a free consultation will help you to understand what you have to do

We will ask all the keys questions.

We will look beyond your case problem.

We will render sound advice based not just on our past experiences, but also from those of our client’s.

We will suggest a few strategic plan options for you and forward our quotations for the various suggested plan options.

Daily Report

Results of Investigation

Result of the investigation will be provided as you wish

We provide two types of reports that are applied both very flexible to your needs.

We can provide a daily work report, starting when our investigation team is on duty for you until the end of the day of the investigation, we will send evidence to you on the same day so that you can find out the results at the same time.

And we will also package the entire report at the end of the investigation with a comprehensive report in the form of a flashdisk or other similar file, according to your wishes.

Eye Detective Private Investigation

Spy Detective Services

Investigation Services for cases of infidelity, surveillance, a missing person, tracking assets, and background checks

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Hire Private Detective Service

By hiring our experienced and professional private investigator, we will help you in uncovering the problems you are facing and certainly accompanied by evidence. Eye Detective guarantees the strictest confidentiality and we always deal with each client with the greatest respect.


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