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Professional Investigator

We use teams of senior private investigators and trusted who have a natural understanding with the extensive networks and contacts needed to get a job done effectively and efficiently.

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Deep dig and Creative

We use a range of investigation techniques, high-quality equipment and technology to ensure we get the concrete evidence as you need.

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Free Consultation

We will ask all keys questions. We will look beyond your case problem. We will render sound advice. We will suggest few strategic plan options for you.

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our service

We provide a wide range of investigation services to assist our clients in developing critical information according to their needs. We have the resources to find the information needed.

Here are some of the investigation services that we offer. Please contact us to discuss the problems and needs in free consultation and we will forward our quotations for the various suggested plan options.


This service offers monitoring services to anyone in needed, such as someone worried about their partner or spouse, parents worried about their children, or people who just want the occasional check on someone.

Discreet surveillance can help you understand someone more intimately, such as what they do, where they go, who’s their friends, whether they can be trusted or not, and all the truth.

Our confidentiality policy covers all information relating to and provided by our clients and staff.


Investigation of cheating partner or suspicion of infidelity in the pair is one of our main service. Are you suspecting your spouse has another affair and want to find the truth? With a high level of fraudulent behavior in Indonesia, investigation is the best decision.

Continuing relationship with someone who does not really be very harmful!

Our main focus in this matter, are:

  • Bride
  • Spouse
  • Cheating Partner
  • Infidelity
  • Online dating relationship, etc.

Unsure about your spouse?

Suspecting a third person in your relationship?

We are able to help you get to the truth and understand whether someone is really being faithful to you or not. Our private investigators have worked on various kind of infidelity investigation. We are able to gather and get all information within evidence as you need, so you can decide how best to move forward.


Background check is one of the much needed service by our client.

Nowadays, a lot of people manipulate and cheat, both in business or personal problems. With knowing the truth about they background it could be easy for you to move forward.

We could gather all information as needed with the truth evidence and we guarantee strict confidentiality.

All you need to get to the truth.


Investigation of missing person is the best way to find out about anyone you cannot find.

This investigation service aims to find people who disappeared, suspicion of kidnapping or those who just want to be found its existence. In this investigation, we focus on:

  • Family members who disappeared
  • Someone who is hiding
  • Runaway teen, etc.

We  have extensive networks of people we can recruit to help us in a search.

We can observe places where a missing person is likely to be or can observe and track a suspect in a missing persons case. Doing background check, questioning witnesses, and other investigative techniques.

asset tracing detective indonesia _ investigator in jakarta indonesia


Asset tracing is useful in situations of loan or credit default, in insolvency proceedings, in company valuations and assessments in the cases of new partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, as well as circumstantial evidence in cases of embezzlement, misappropriation of funds and assets.

These investigations involve tracing and identifying the assets of a particular entity or individual, including locating land, real estate, stocks, company shareholdings and other business interests, inventory, financial resources, vehicles and others.


We provide security or protection services that include personal escort services for individuals and family or colleague’s member. This service is provided for daily, weekly and monthly escort services.

Basically, our bodyguard services are provided in use for special escort or security object.


  • We will talk about the focus of your problem, so that we can understand your needs
  • We will recommend an investigation plans fits your needs and your budget
  • We will make a deal, outlining the stages of the plan to be done and the amount of costs to be budgeted
  • We will do the investigation with a question you should answer honestly, this could be a keys to get the truth during investigation
  • We will provide an invoice in accordance with the plan of investigation and budget agreed
  • All things are handled with complete confidentiality, before, during and after investigation
  • We will provide daily report during the ongoing investigation, and the final report in the form of soft copy that will be sent upon agreement with you
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