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Professional Investigator

We use teams of senior private investigators and trusted who have a natural understanding with the extensive networks and contacts needed to get a job done effectively and efficiently.

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Deep dig and Creative

We use a range of investigation techniques, high-quality equipment and technology to ensure we get the concrete evidence as you need.

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Free Consultation

We will ask all keys questions. We will look beyond your case problem. We will render sound advice. We will suggest few strategic plan options for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

faq detektif swasta

The questions of the customers who come to us often start with the same questions. Here are answers to many of the questions we often encounter that can help you make decisions:

1. Question : How can I trust you as a private detective agency? And if private detectives are cheaters?

Answer: Make sure that the Private Investigator Service Agent is a service agency with a commercial license. Never hijack unauthorized detective agencies and agencies that have a hard time requesting a consultation before an investigation. Our agency Eye Detective Indonesia has a business license and always recommends the meeting. Be careful with the way of cheating under the guise of detective services!

2. Question : What is the cost of renting private investigator services?

Answer: The cost of an investigation varies depending on the context of the case and the type of investigative service requested. Examination costs for the Jabodetabek region are generally the same and different for areas outside Jabodetabek. Contact our contact for a free consultation.

3. Question : How do private detective services work?

Answer: We will discuss with potential customers in a consultation and / or telephone to understand the context of the case, suggest a set of strategic plans for the case, and discuss the cost negotiations and the survey period.

4. Question : How can we obtain evidence for a private detective service?

Answer: We offer two types of reports. In the case of infidelity and surveillance, reports will also be submitted at the time of the survey. For other types of surveys, Laporak is systematically presented at the end.

Please contact us directly to contact us. Be careful with the fraud mode under the guise of detective services! Private detective Impostor!

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