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Professional Investigator

We use teams of senior private investigators and trusted who have a natural understanding with the extensive networks and contacts needed to get a job done effectively and efficiently.

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Deep dig and Creative

We use a range of investigation techniques, high-quality equipment and technology to ensure we get the concrete evidence as you need.

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Free Consultation

We will ask all keys questions. We will look beyond your case problem. We will render sound advice. We will suggest few strategic plan options for you.

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Eye Detective Indonesia Private Investigator Jakarta


One of the most Private Investigation Agency as known as Indonesia Detective which specializes in investigation and surveillance services with high professionalism. Our Private Detective or Private Investigator Indonesia are based in Jakarta and provide a focus of investigation throughout Indonesia. We guarantee strict confidentiality with deep understanding and appreciating the sensitivity of the underlying in our work. In all cases we have a team of private investigators who are trusted with natural understanding and extensive networks and connections as needed to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. Eye Detective Indonesia Private Investigator Jakarta

Why do you need Investigation?

Investigation is one of the best way to find the truth, reveal the secrecy, diverse background and other things that can help you in personal or even business problems. Suspicion can be a backfire if it is not supported by the facts and the real evidence. By doing investigation, things will be revealed as you needed and the truth will be shown. It will also be easy for you to take the best step to move forward.

Please note, that continuing the relationship, whether it is business or private with those who are not well known will be disserving! Now you Need Detective Private Investigator Jakarta Indonesia


Our service agreement with clients  are based in case, wherein we make a deal to comply with government laws and standards’ country without violating legal restrictions, to operating under the highest ethical standards, implement the highest security standards to protect clients’ information and keep all information strictly confidential.


Eye Detective Indonesia has been operating since 2008 as the best and reliable investigative bodies in Indonesia. Here is the Eye Detective coverage in some media in Indonesia.


Swasembada Media

Majalah Kartini

Kick Andy

Detik X

Media Indonesia

Free Consultation

We will ask all keys questions. We will look beyond your case problem. We will render sound advice based not just on our passed experiences, but also from those of our client’s. We will suggest few strategic plan options for you and forward our quotations for the various suggested plan options.


We provide two types of reports which both of them are applied with a very flexible in accordance as you need. We provide daily report of our work, starting from when our investigators are on the field until the end of the case. We will send the evidence to you on the same time, so that you will know the results of the field at the same time. And we also would pack the entire report at the end of the investigation with a comprehensive report in the form of a CD or other similar files, in accordance as you need.

Detective Indonesia


Eye Detective Indonesia Private Investigator Jakarta. yang kita kenal dengan pelayanan jasa detektif swasta yang banyak menyelidiki kasus perselingkuhan

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